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why do dogs sunbathe

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We all know why people sunbathe, but why do dogs? Dogs have a natural instinct to want to bask in the sun and get their fur nice and shiny. In this article, we will talk about the seven top reasons why dogs enjoy laying in the sun.

Reason One – It Just Feels Good

Dogs naturally like to put their paws in the sand or dirt and roll around. They might do this because it just feels good on their fur. This is why it makes sense that they want to get out there! They also love the feel of the sun’s rays on their fur, especially when it’s not too hot.

Reason Two – Mental Health Benefits

Some people say that dogs can have mental health benefits from getting sun exposure, such as feeling happier and being less anxious. Whether or not you believe these claims, a lot of owners let their pups go without sunscreen when outdoors for at least part of the day.

Reason Three – Sun Exposure Can Help Prevent Certain Diseases

Sunlight has been found by some studies to help prevent certain diseases in dogs, such as osteoporosis.

Reason Four – The Sun Provides Vitamin D For Dogs Too

Even though they don’t depend on sunlight as humans do, dogs still need vitamin D for their own health needs. They might get some from food sources such as meat but in most cases, they will have to rely on getting enough sun exposure themselves.

Reason Five – Dogs Need To Stay Cool

A large portion of a dog’s body is made up to dissipate heat, so they need the sun to help keep them cool.

Reason Six – Sunlight Can Help With Coat Health

Sun exposure can help with coat health in a couple of ways. It helps to condition the fur, and it also kills some bacteria that could otherwise build up on their skin or hair which makes them smell worse. Definitely worth risking.

Dogs that get enough sun exposure are often rewarded with a healthy coat and fewer trips to the vet.

Reason Seven – It’s Fun!

For some dogs, it might be just fun to be in the sun. Letting your pup go out for a little while each day can make them happier and more active than they would otherwise be inside all day long. In addition, since you’re not always around to play ball or fetch sticks outside with your dog, letting them enjoy being outdoors will allow them time on their own where they don’t have any responsibilities other than basking in the sunlight

Can Too Much Sun Exposure Be Harmful For Dogs

While it might seem like dogs love spending hours laying in the sun, too much of it is not good for them either. It can give them heatstroke and also lead to skin cancer or even worse!

Too much sun exposure for dogs can cause heat strokes, dogs don’t have sweat glands as humans do so they can overheat easily if the weather is too hot outside. It might be a good idea to keep them inside with you when it gets really hot out there or at the very least, in a shady area to avoid the sun.

Too much sun exposure can also cause skin cancer. A lot of people mistakenly think that sunscreen isn’t needed on dogs, which is why they often end up with skin cancer because they are not protected from the sun. It might be best to keep them inside when it’s hot out so that they don’t end up getting sunburn or worse.

Too Much Sun Exposure Can Lead To Eye Problems. It’s not just the skin on their bodies that can be harmed by too much sun exposure, but also the eyes and cornea as well. Dogs are more prone to eye problems than humans are, and it’s worth being aware of that.

As is in all things, it’s best to regulate the amount of time your dog stays in the sun, 2 to 4 hours a day is a good enough time duration.


In this article, we talked about why dogs enjoy being out in the sun and why you should let your pup go out there every day if possible! We hope that after reading this article you are convinced that letting your dog bask under a few rays each day isn’t so bad!


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