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Top 10 Best Dog Food For Greyhounds

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The following information is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not constitute pet medical advice.
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Choosing a brand of food for your canine can be quite difficult. There is are a countless number of brands selling kinds of food. This can be overwhelming. Being a greyhound owner, you would want your pet to have the best quality food but also not drill a hole in your wallet. Read on below to learn about the ten best dog food for your greyhound.

Why quality food matters for your greyhound dog?

Quality of food matters to animals as much as it matters to humans. Feeding your greyhound poor quality food is the same as eating fast food every day. You will not be able to see the changes right away but slowly. Your greyhound will start to become more lethargic, and they will not be as active as they should be. Their coat will be one of the first few things affected. It will not be as shiny. You will also start to notice excessive shedding and itching.

There are many long term effects of poor nutrition. Your dog is likely to develop cancers, heart disease, liver disease, etc. The terrifying part about this is that you will not notice these diseases attack your dog since they are very slow to occur.

The type of food does not matter, however. Commercial dry and wet food has a reputation for having poor nutrition. But this can be avoided by checking the ingredient list. Whether you have decided to feed your greyhound with any type of food, it is important to make sure that this food is as nutritious as can be. Make sure that the food has enough dietary supplements to meet all your greyhound’s needs.

Key Factors To Consider in Choosing A Dog Food For Your Greyhounds

Here are some key factors that are essential while choosing dog food for your greyhound. Whether you are buying pre-made food or raw food, you must make sure to tick all these boxes before purchasing your dog food.


Though the food you buy for your pet must be nutritious, it must not burn through your income. Always make sure that you buy according to what you can afford. Sometimes, the most expensive dog food is not always the healthiest.. However, make sure you do not buy the cheapest brand out there. Check the ingredient list to make sure that it is made up of good constituents for your dog.


The amount of protein your greyhound requires is dependent on their weight and the amount of exercise they get. Usually, 18 – 20% of their weight is ample for a greyhound. If your greyhound is very active and does a lot of exercises then giving 25% of protein is also fine. Make sure that you do not give too much protein if your dog is a sedentary dog that spends most of its time not doing anything.


Dogs do not necessarily need carbohydrates in their diet. They can survive on a diet with only protein and fat, though a lot of commercial dog food contains a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are also cheaper than proteins and fats sources. Especially when it comes to dry food, carbohydrates add structure to the food and make it easier to make the food. Many dog food companies are now marketing their ‘grain free’ food. However, this grain-free food also contains carbohydrates in other forms.


While probiotics can be very beneficial to your dogs, it is not necessary to include this in your greyhound’s everyday diet. You can give your greyhound probiotic supplements if they have had some antibiotics or other things that may have caused a bacteria shift in their gut.

Natural probiotics will include things like fermented foods, yoghurt, mushrooms, bananas, etc. With yoghurt, it is important to remember not to overdo it since your dog might not react well to it.


Your greyhound’s diet should contain around 10-15% fats. Fats are very important in your greyhound’s diet. It provides essential fatty acids and helps with the transportation of any fat-soluble vitamins. if your dog is lacking fats, you will notice that their coat is very dull and their skin is very dry. Some commercial dog food may contain used oils from restaurants, etc. so make sure you check on this. If your dog food smells funny or rancid, better not use it anymore.

Vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamins and minerals play a very important part in your dog’s diet. Dogs cannot produce their own vitamins, so they need them in their diet. Though not much is known about the vitamins and minerals that dogs need, it is important to try to include them in their diet.


Have you ever noticed how your dog comes running when they smell good food? This is because their sense of smells is a million times better than that of a human. Though dogs do not have as good a sense of taste, their sense of smell dictates what they eat.

Dogs seem to like food that contains fat because of the way it tastes. You will also notice that your greyhound will have a preference for food. They will like one brand more than another. If you can afford to experiment with different brands, better do it till you find one that your dog likes.

Top 10 best dog foods for greyhounds 

1.) Merrick Backcountry Dry Dog Food

Merrick Backcountry is a very popular brand of dog food. They have a wide variety of dog food for their greyhounds, one of them being their dry dog food. Their dog food has very high protein of 38% and 17% fat. This dog food also includes supplements for your dog’s omega requirements and joints supplements.

If your greyhound is not very active, then this might have too high a protein content for them. Merrick has numerous flavours for their dog food. They have the Great Plains Red Recipe, High Plains, Hero’s Banquet, Wild Fields, Game Bird, Pacific Catch and Game Bird.


  • The Merrick Backcountry Dry Dog Food contains small bits of freeze-dried raw meat which is a great protein source for your greyhound.
  • The food is very similar to what greyhounds naturally ate.
  • Greyhounds seem to love the taste of this food and enjoy eating it.


  • The Merrick Backcountry Dry Dog Food includes potatoes.
  •  Reviews show that the small freeze-dried meat tends to remain at the bottom of the bag.

2.) Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery

Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery is one of the best food delivery services for your dogs. They deliver fresh raw food to your homes. This raw food is perfectly mixed and adjusted to fit your dog’s requirements. It is a combination of raw meat with brown wise. It does not contain any food allergens like corn, potato, gluten, etc.

The food contains most ground turkey, brown rice, eggs, spinach and carrots. It is a little on the pricey side. If you are someone whose greyhound struggles with food and weight then this is the best solution for you. Since the ingredients are all-natural, the food is very healthy for your greyhounds to eat. It is the perfect solution for someone who wants to feed their greyhound raw food but does not know how to go about doing it.


  • The Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery uses quality ingredients for their food. The meat, rice and all the other ingredients are restaurant quality.
  • The portions for the food are pre-measured which make it much easier to feed your food.
  • The food is delivered directly to your homes every week.
  • The Nom Nom’s customer support is excellent.


  • The Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery is expensive. One week of Nom Nom’s can cost almost as much as one bag of dry food.
  • You must freeze the food after receiving it since or it may go bad quicker.

3.) American Journey Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe (Large Breed)

Greyhounds are large dogs, and they need calcium in their diet to keep their bones strong. The American Journey Salmon and Brown Rice Recipe have all the necessary requirements for your greyhound. Its main protein is deboned salmon. It also has many other ingredients like fruits and vegetables to provide all the required anti-oxidants for your dogs.

It also has added calcium and other minerals to keep your greyhound’s coat healthy. It also has brown rice and barley for carbohydrates. The fatty acids’ composition is perfect for your greyhound.


  • The American Journey Salmon and Brown Rice Recipe is very affordable for the quality of food.
  • The main protein source comes from deboned salmon which also has good fatty acids for your greyhound.
  • Brown rice and Barley are a good source of complex carbohydrates for your dogs.
  • This dog food is specially formulated for large dog breeds like the greyhound.


  • If your greyhound does not like salmon, then they will not like the American Journey Salmon and Brown Rice Recipe.
  • This dog food is not allergen and gluten-free.

4.) Orijen Puppy Large

The Orijen Puppy Large dog food is a mixture of solid ingredients that are good for your greyhound. The meat and vegetables in this dog food are freeze-dried which helps them retain their nutrition. It contains a high amount of protein which mainly comes from chicken, eggs and fish. It is enriched with anti-arthritis supplements to help the development of your dog’s bones. This dog food is also grain-free which is a bonus. It also does not contain any allergens.


  • The Orijen is grain-free and is made up mostly of proteins.
  • It is made of 85% proteins and 15% vegetables.
  • It is quite affordable for the quality of the food.


  • Since the meat and vegetables are freeze-dried, they tend to remain on the bottom of the bag.

5.) Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dry Dog Food

The diamond Naturals extreme Athlete Dry Dog Food contains one of the highest amounts of fats. This dog food is also very affordable for someone who is looking for cheaper alternatives to feed your greyhound. The high-fat content makes it perfect for greyhounds who love to exercise and run every day. This also contains complex carbohydrates like rice and barley. It also has a bonus with the addition of a few superfoods like chia seeds, kale, coconut and a few other fruits and vegetables.


  • High protein percentage of 35%.
  • The high-fat content comes from healthy sources like chicken fat and flaxseeds.
  • Very budget-friendly for the quality of the product.


  • The high-fat content may be harmful for sedentary dogs.
  • The first ingredient on the list is chicken meal.

6.) Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Formula

The Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula is also a great brand of dog food for its price point. It contains a very high amount of protein which is mainly sourced from smoked salmon. The contents of this dog food are very similar to that of the prehistoric canines. It contains 25% protein and 15% fats.

Some protein in this brand though comes from pea and sweet potato protein. If your dog has digestive issues then it will be best to avoid this since vegetable proteins are more difficult for your dog to process.


  • The recipe for this dog food is grain-free.
  • Contains real smoked salmon in the bag.
  • Has a good amount of antioxidants which are beneficial for your greyhound.
  • This dog food has a very good price point for the quality of the ingredients.


  • Though the majority of the protein comes from smoked salmon, some of it comes from plant proteins.
  • It is difficult to get your hands on this dog food since it is always out of stock.
  • The bag is very poorly designed.

7.) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food is a very good brand of dog food, especially for the price point. It contains a very high percentage of protein and also has a high amount of antioxidants. This dry dog food is perfect for those greyhounds that have sensitive stomachs as it is very easy to digest.

The formula is grain-free and comes in a variety of flavors which is great if your greyhound is very taste sensitive. The formula is also enriched with many vitamins and minerals that help to boost your dog’s immune system.


  • The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food does not contain any animal byproducts.
  • The grain-free formula makes it perfect for feeding your greyhound.
  • The dog food does not contain any artificial flavoring, preservatives, colors, etc.
  • It is very affordable especially for the amount of meat present in it.


  • Some protein in the food comes from vegetable proteins like peas.
  • The largest size bag for this brand is the 24-pound bag.
  • It only comes in three flavours.

8.) Ollie Fresh Pet Food

Ollie Fresh Pet Food is a custom-made food service for your pet. They formulate the perfect recipe for your pets and ship them fresh. They have a large variety of recipes and all their food is formulated by a vet. This food service is great if your greyhound is a picker eater, or they have food allergies.

The quality of their ingredients is human grade and are sourced from reputed farms all over the US.


  • All the ingredients used are fresh and natural. The quality of these ingredients is also very good.
  •  All the formulations are grain-free.
  • All the nutritional requirements of your greyhound are met.
  • Every recipe can be customized by the customer.


  • The price of each meal is quite expensive.
  • The shelf life is greatly reduced since the food is fresh. You will need to refrigerate the food.

9.) Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Patties

These patties are great if you want your greyhound to feed on a raw diet. It comes in many flavors and is also very nutritious. Raw diets have always been good for very active dogs like the greyhound which is why the Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried patties will be great for them.

The patties contain a mix of different cuts of meat that have been freeze-dried. It always contains a variety of vegetables that supply your greyhound with the perfect amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has many flavors to choose from. These include Chicken, Beef, Red Meat, Lamb, Rabbit, Duck, Venison, Pork, Turkey, Venison & Lamb, Salmon & Beef.


  • The biggest advantage to the Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Patties is the fact that they do not contain any artificial preservatives.
  • The food is very high in protein, the highest being chicken (48%) and lowest being Venison (36%).


  • The Stella and Chewy’s freeze-dried Raw Patties is quite expensive.
  • The quality of the dog food has been reported to be very inconsistent.

10.)  Spot & Tango Fresh Pet Food

This is another pet food service based in New York. All the meals are customized and formulated by a vet nutritionist. The quality of the food is also very good since they are sourced from reputed farms. The meal comes pre-portioned to fit the needs of your greyhound. This food service is perfect if your greyhound has special nutritional requirements if they have allergies to food.


  • Since the meal kit is personalized, your greyhounds will have the perfect balanced diet.
  • All the ingredients used are high-quality grade and locally sourced.
  • You do not need to measure the food since it comes in pre-portioned packs.


  • The meal kit is quite expensive. 
  •  Since the food is fresh, it has a low shelf life and cannot be left unrefrigerated for long.
  •  There are very few recipe options.

Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Greyhound

1.) Chocolate – If you are a dog owner, you must know you cannot feed your dogs chocolate. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is very harmful to dogs. This chemical caused diarrhoea, vomiting, and sometimes even death. Avoid giving your greyhound chocolate in any case.

2.) Caffeine Products – Caffeine is toxic to dogs and causes heart palpitations, restlessness, and rapid breathing. All these are very bad for your greyhound and may result in severe health complications.

3.) Grains- Grains maybe not poison dogs, but can cause reactions if your dog is allergic to them. Things like corn, soy are often added to dog food. It should be avoided since they do not have any nutritional benefits to your dogs.

4.) Fillers – Fillers are carbohydrate-rich ingredients that are added to dog food to reduce the cost of the food. These do not have any benefits to dogs but will just make them full faster.

5.) Low-quality protein – meat substitutes should be avoided since they might cause infections in your dog.

6.) Low-quality fat- just as low-quality fat is bad for humans, it is equally bad for your greyhound.

×         Additives and preservatives – additives and preservatives are very bad for your greyhounds since they may cause health complications. Feeding your greyhound food with additives may also cause allergic reactions, upset stomachs, etc.


Should I feed my greyhound dry or wet food?

Giving your greyhound 100% wet food will cause them to have loose stool. This will make it difficult for your dog to hold when they need to excrete which may lead to accidents in the house. Giving your dog a primarily dry food diet will be beneficial. Giving wet food as a secondary source will be best.

How many calories does my greyhound need per meal?

How many calories your greyhound needs will depend on the size and activity of your dog. 1350 calories are good for a 50-pound greyhound. Consult with a vet nutritionist to be sure of the calories. Usually, you should be able to feed your greyhound twice a day with the required amount of calories.

What is the best food for a retired greyhound?

Retired greyhounds have specific nutrient needs which will not make them gain weight and help them strengthen their bones. Food with around 20% protein will be great for feeding your retired greyhound. Dog food should also be easy to digest since their stomachs become sensitive with age.


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