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Pug Husky Mix: 5 Reasons to Run Away From this Breed

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You’ve seen the pug. You’ve seen the husky.

Now you’re wondering if there’s any way to combine their best traits to give you a superior dog.

In recent years, this breed has been gaining a lot of traction and increasing amount people are loving it. This breed has been giving different adorable names such as;

  • The hug and
  • The Pugsky

This article aims to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the husky pug mix. If you want there is any section that tickles your fancy you can skip straight to it using the table of contents below. And please don’t forget to share this article on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Let’s dive in.

The Husky Pug Mix

Yes, you thought right. It is a crossbreed between the pug and Siberian husky. Due to the need for a catchy name, it is also called pugsky or hug.

It’s not really certain when the pug husky mix first came into existence but this designer dog was first noticed in America. To get a bit of background on the pugsky, let’s talk a little about their parent breeds.

The Siberian husky was originally bred by the Chuchki people in northern Asia as a sled dog. It transported things between places in cold weather which it is adapted to. Even though the husky was bred to be a working dog, they are wonderful companions and great family dogs. Intelligence and strong-willed nature are enough to define the husky.

On the other hand, the pug is Asian royalty. Unlike the huskies that are working dogs, the pugs live a laid-back lifestyle. They usually stay on the laps of their owners receiving pats and treats. Hence, they are not high-energy dogs nor active dogs, their physique deprives them of that.

Both parent breeds are recognized by the American kennel club. But being a designer breed (LINK), the husky pug mix isn’t recognized by the AKC due to inconsistencies in traits.

However the pug husky mix is recognized by the Dog Registry of America, the only official body that recognizes it.


The first thing you’d notice about the husky and pug is the size difference between them. So this gives a lot of room for variation. Even in the same litter, you can’t really predict how big a husky pug mix puppy will grow.

Since there’s such a difference in physique between the two parent breed, the pug-husky mix tends to resemble one parent more than the other. Having a pugsky puppy with balanced traits from both parents is not common.

Due to the difference in size between parent breeds, saying for sure how large your pugsky puppy will grow up to be is quite difficult. But taking everything into consideration, a pug husky mix can grow up to be 16 – 22 inches tall and would weigh about 15 – 60 pounds.

In a husky pug litter, a lot of pups will fall in between the pug and husky when it comes to size.

As for their coat, some puppies would take after the pug and have a short and smooth coat which would shed less. For the pups that would resemble their husky parent, they’d have a thick double coat that will shed more.

The coat color can be black, white, red, brown, and any mixture of color from the parent breeds.

Other features that depict a pug husky mix are;

  • Dark mask,
  • Pointy or floppy ears,
  • Curly or straight tail.
  • Some of the pugsky puppies might even have the typical blue eyes of the husky.

Husky Pug Mix Personality And Temperament

The parent breeds of the husky and pug mix were bred for different purposes. The Siberian husky had a seemingly limitless reserve of energy due to its working background. They spend most of their time working with other dogs but are still loyal to their owners.

The pug is laid back in its lifestyle. They crave to always be the center of attraction and achieve this with their clownish behavior. They make good companions as that’s the purpose of their breeding.

All in all, the pug and husky mix can’t be far from the parents. They inherit their temperament traits from them whether in a balanced or unbalanced ratio.

The pugsky is very friendly and loves his family. One of his best activities is interacting and spending time with his owners. He’s got down the entertainment part with his clownish behavior.

Attention is one thing the pug husky mix thrives on. He is eager to please anyone that gives him attention. Being the star of the moment is all he wants.

Being a couch potato is a possibility for your husky pug mix due to his pug ancestry. This might become a problem as it’ll predispose him to being overweight especially if he’s eating too much.

You can also have a pugsky full of energy just like his husky parent. Then you’d have to devise ways to engage him and keep him busy.

The husky pug mix is an intelligent breed thanks to his husky blood, but can also be independent in thinking and strong-willed.

The pug husky mix is good with children, hence make great family dogs. They might end up bonding more with one person in the family especially if this person feeds them, groom them and train them.


The husky and pug mix can be tasking when it comes to training. Despite his intelligence, having inherited the laziness of the pug and stubbornness of the husky, training might become quite challenging. This is more so especially if you’re an inexperienced or a first-time owner.

The best training methods still remain positive reinforcements. This way your dog would associate tricks and commands to treats thereby making it easier to learn. It’s best to start training your pugsky puppy immediately you bring it home as learning sticks better when they’re young.

Early socialization is also important. In as much as a your husky pug mix might do well with family members and other dogs, it might not be so for strangers and smaller animals. So it’s best to introduce him earlier to new environments.

Exercise Requirement

There’s a gaping difference when it comes to the energy levels of the pugsky’s parent breeds. The husky is very energetic and requires a lot of exercise daily while the pug needs just minimal exercise per day to get by. So the amount of exercise your husky pug mix would need depends on which parent he resembles more.

A pugsky with more semblance to the husky parent requires at least an hour of exercise each day. Either walking or jogging. Playing games afterward is okay too.

For a pug husky mix with the pug’s traits, slow walks in the morning and evening are alright. Indoor games would work but it doesn’t replace walking your dog. They’d require about 30 minutes of exercise daily.

If your dog has a flat face, he is prone to overheating due to breathing issues when doing high intensity exercises. So it’s best to stop at low intensity exercises. Therefore walks and exercises should be done early in the morning or late in the evening when temperature is down, to avoid overheating.

Well, a puppy can have the energy level of a husky and a flat face like the pug. That’s quite the dilemma because even though he needs exercises, he can’t do much because of this facial features. To prevent this dog from getting bored and destructive, mental stimulation is the way to go.


Resist the soulful eyes of your dog when he wants more food. The husky pug mix is predisposed to becoming overweight especially if they’re unable to exercise.

They sure have a big appetite but make sure to mark out meal times and not just letting food be available in their plate always. After he’s done eating, take the plate away.

Treats should be incorporated into their meal plan but don’t go giving your dog too much treats either.

As for the amount of food necessary, about two and half cup of kibble a day is good enough for your dog. Make sure to divide it into two meals for uniform energy throughout the day.

Health Concerns

This is usually why many don’t recommend the husky pug mix. They become prone to several ailments due to inheritance from their parent breeds. But the most concerning is his inheritance from the pug.

Common health concerns include;

Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome: This condition affects flat faced dog. Due to tight nasal passages, they can’t take in enough air to provide oxygen for the body during exercise. It is also difficult for them to regulate temperature in hot temperatures putting them at risk of heatstroke.

Dermatitis: This affects dog breeds that have skin folds, just like the pug or husky pug mix. This leads to irritation and loss of hair from scratching.

Spinal Problems: The vertebrae can be twisted by the curly tail of the husky pug mix causing some paralysis.

Obesity: Both parent breeds of the pug and husky mix are prone to obesity, therefore the pugsky isn’t any different. Too much weight puts strains on the joints and is a risk factor for other health issues.

Hip dysplasia: This is abnormal formation of the hip bone. It can cause pain, limping, and lameness. Before buying a puppy, check if the parent breeds are cleared of this disorder.

Eye Problems: This include cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, eye infections, or injury.

How long can a Pug Husky Breed Live

The husky pug mix can live to be about 12 – 15 years old. However, this depends on how healthy your dog lives and the reputation of his parents.

Grooming The Pugsky

Grooming of the pug husky mix is dependent on his inheritance from parent breeds. If your pugsky dog has a thick and long double coat like the husky, then you’d need to brush him 2 – 3 times weekly to remove dead hairs. This will prevent matting, overheating, and shedding of fur all over the place.

On the other hand, if they inherit the short smooth coat of the pug then brushing them once a week will do since they’re less shedders.

If your husky and pug mix inherited skin folds, then your grooming process should include cleaning in between these skin folds to avoid infection and irritation.

Don’t forget the ears and teeth. Make sure to clean his ears and check for anything abnormal in there. Brush his teeth weekly to prevent bad odour and germ buildup.

Of course, do not forget to bath your dog every once in a while or when needed.

How Much Is A Pug Husky Mix

If you’ve decided to get yourself a husky pug mix puppy, then prepare to spend about $1200 – 2000. This all depends on several factors of which breeder’s reputation is one of the most important.
Make sure to request for a health clearance from the breeder to make sure your puppy is safe from certain health conditions.
Alternatively, you can rescue an adult pug husky mix from the shelter if you could find one.

Is The Pugsky A Good Choice?

The husky pug mix is an affectionate and friendly dog devoted to sharing quality time with his family members. As long as they’re socialised early, then they’re friendly to everyone and smaller animals as well.

But many people still do not recommend owning the pugsky because of the health issues associated with them.

On another note, this dog is better for those who have experience with dogs because it’ll be easier to train for them.

5 Reasons To Run Away From This Breed

  • Like we’ve discussed earlier, this breed is prone to a lot of health issues, so be sure to get a health clearance from the breeder whom you purchase them from and also pet insurance to reduce your cost of owning the breed.
  • They can be a bit difficult to train if you are inexperienced with training dogs or you are a first time dog owner. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of resources online to help you on your journey.
  • They require lots of attention and love from you the owner. Yup they are a high maintenance breed so be prepared to treat your pugsky like a baby.
  • If you live in a hot climate, it might not be advisable to get this breed. Their anatomical limitations make it a bit difficult for them regulate their body heat optimally.

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