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Are Retrievers Lazy Or Just Smart?

Are Retrievers Lazy or Just Smart?

  • 10 min read

Golden, labrador – retrievers are the best dogs in the world, and there’s no way you can change my mind on that. The thing is… it’s a lottery-based system. Are you going to get a smart dog, or one that just doesn’t like to do anything? Well, smart and lazy can sometimes get confusing. Inherently,… 

Does My Retriever Need A Vasectomy?

Does My Retriever Need a Vasectomy?

  • 8 min read

Is a dog vasectomy necessary? Do some people really think it’s animal abuse? What are the facts about it? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about. People have their own opinions about pet procedures, and those opinions are theirs, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself the hard questions:… 

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

How Long do Golden Retrievers Live?

  • 8 min read

We all want our pets to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible. They’re a part of the family, and they deserve to be treated like it. You buy them a special diet, you ensure they get the proper exercise and never miss a vet visit – you’re a good owner, and you want your… 

Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

  • 8 min read

They don’t just shed… they practically leave a cloud of hair behind them during spring and fall. Retrievers are some of the worst shedders out there, so it’s definitely something you want to weigh before deciding to own one. Do golden retrievers shed a lot, is it super unnoticable? Don’t worry; we’re going to answer… 

Can I Pay Someone To Walk My Dog?

Can I Pay Someone to Walk my Dog?

  • 8 min read

Yes, you absolutely can, but be warned: it’s not a cheap service. Well, most of the time it isn’t cheap. You likely need someone to walk your dog because you’re going to work and need your dog to take care of business outdoors. Heck, most of us need that. But you’re going to have to…