Goberian: Most Adorable Mix of Husky and Golden Retrievers

Goberian: Most Adorable Mix Of Husky And Golden Retrievers

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Fuzz balls, floofers – whatever adorable name you want to call them, this breed of huskies and golden retrievers mixed together is perhaps the cutest, most painfully cute breed of dog on the planet.

But how did they get here, and are they a good pet to actually have, or just another failed dog breed?

We’re going to answer that for you.

From the differences between them and their parental breeds, down to their health issues, personality traits, and all the loose things in between (such as those fantastic coats they have), you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know before calling your very own goberian a member of the family.

How Did This Mix Come to Be?

This mixed breed comes from Siberian husky dogs and golden retrievers , which are two of the most beautiful and most sought-after dog breeds out there.

However, this does come with some mixed personality traits, as you might imagine. We’ll discuss them in depth later.

There isn’t a whole lot of history surrounding this dog breed. They were designed this easy for energetic play, endurance (Siberian husky trait), as well as being loyal companions. This is a relatively new breed, considering that golden retrievers haven’t even been around for 200 years.

Are They Different From their Parental Breeds?

Are They Different From their Parental Breeds?

It’s quite the opposite, in fact – they’re like a perfect mesh of the two, blended into one. Golden retrievers are loyal, and goberians are loyal. Siberian huskies can be excellent for protecting your family, and so are goberians.

But with such different initial personalities, they do have a few points where they collide in a goberian. It’s not about temperament, but more about their behavior.

Goberians exhibit fierce loyalty, but can also be trained to defend your home against invaders. They’re friendly, but they’re more friendly to their owners and those people that their owners hold dear, and likely to be stand-offish (not violent) with strangers.

Overall, there’s a good hybrid between personalities, although both are excellent and well-behaved dogs.


You can see distinct characteristics as a cross between golden retriever and Siberian husky, predominantly in the ears and the nose. However, there are some more subtle looks that all compile to add this goberian appearance.

  • Eye Color: Goberians normally have blue or brown eyes, and rarely any other colors. Some goberians are known to have heterochromia, displaying one blue and one brown eye.
  • Coat Color: Because these two breeds have meshed from rich coat color backgrounds, you can have anything from gray to white, black to brown, and even cream-colored (which is one of the rarest coat hues for goldens).
  • Coat Consistency: Goberians typically have very thick, very dense coats. These are described as a double coat in many cases, which can provide a few issues with keeping them cool in the summer months.

Goberians are very bulky-looking dogs that weigh in around 50 to 90 lbs, and have a rather thick coat consistency with wavy textures. Overall, they’re a very lovable, huggable dog no matter how you look at them.


The good thing about goberians is that they’re a breed that doesn’t end up with new conditions that don’t affect their parent breeds. The bad news is, you’re still dealing with issues from parent breeds.

Golden retrievers are known to have a slew of health issues that can stretch from an increased risk of arthritis to high risks of certain cancer types.

However, not all dogs – goberian or parent breeds – are going to endure those issues. The most common problems are generally around maintaining a highly athletic lifestyle for your dog.

Goldens and Siberian huskies both have highly energetic dispositions, and as you can imagine, combining those together only makes for a very high-octane kind of puppy.

Keep their athletic side well-fed, so to speak, with plenty of exercise and dog park visits, and it will help to maintain their health. Diet is the other biggest contributing factor to good goberian health.


Imagine a slightly more intense, but not aggressive golden retriever. They are very high-energy, and as loyal as dogs can come.

The flip side is that when trained, they can be fantastic guard dogs. They will do what is necessary to protect their family, which is why their personalities mesh so well with families that have small children.

It’s not common to see behavioral issues in goberians. Just remember that the golden retriever half of this breed means they really, really enjoy affection and being loved. Goldens are very affectionate dogs.

Give them love, give them attention, and they’ll give it right back.

An Incredibly Active and Friendly Breed

We wanted to list a n essential list of traits that you should know about, which nearly all goberians share.

This isn’t a temperament thing, but more just what they’re able to handle depending on climates, sensitivity, how they deal with children, and those sorts of things.

Not Good in Apartments

These are energetic dogs, and although they don’t bark often, when they do it’s a mighty sound.

Because they’re constantly moving around, chasing their tails, and trying to expel their high levels of energy, they can be disruptive to neighbors.

Not Good for New Dog Owners

Goberians are high-maintenance, for the most part. This is mostly due to their extremely athletic nature.

They’re just not a dog that a new owner should get unless they’re absolutely committed to spending as much time with their dog as possible and ensuring they have everything they need. Definitely not a lazy-day kind of dog.

Excellent With Children

It’s one of their most attractive qualities; they’re just so good with kids, no matter how rambunctious your little toddler is.

You’re going to be all set to let this little lovebug near your kids, even without formal dog training.

Easy to Groom

While their coats are thick as can be, it’s actually very easy to run a brush through their coat. It has a wavy texture, which means it’s less prone to knotting.

If you’re bringing your goberian to the grooming parlor, just keep in mind that your dog is going to have a lot to work through, so it might cost extra money for the additional time spent.

Gets Along With Other Dogs

These are non-hostile dogs, so when they meet another pup, they’re not going to show their teeth or stand their ground.

There might be some personal sniffing involved as they try to learn about them, but that’s about it. They’re often friendly and kind to other dogs.

Not Easy to Train

I said they’re friendly dogs with an even temperament and fierce loyalty, but a lot of that has to be refined through proper, professional training.

I don’t look down on anyone who wants to do the training themselves and in-house, but the Siberian husky side comes out when you try to train them and they can get stubborn. They are difficult to train, so it’s important to take this seriously when you get your goberian.


Through retrieving and hunting, as well as intelligence in labor expectations, these two breeds marry together to make a truly fantastic and hard-working dog.

They are able to figure out body language fairly easily, and because they’re so intelligent, they’re often perceived as lazy (most retrievers are pegged this way, but in reality they’re just smart and won’t do something if they don’t have to).


They’re intense, but not in a bad way. They just want to play a lot. Goberians aren’t usually recommended for anyone who has a long work day and isn’t at home all that often, but rather someone who can be attentive and meet the needs of their dog on a regular basis.

Eventually, as they age, goberians become more timid, but that’s a trait across all breeds. Adopting an older goberian might be an option if you want a dog that’s a little more mellow and relaxed.

There are so many quirks to this breed, but they’re lovable and loyal in the end, so most people don’t really mind them. Yes, they’re going to be more high maintenance than most breeds you have the option of buying, but that’s the fun of them if you’re truly a dog person.

Goberians are unique, and more often than not, you’re going to have to break it down and explain just what a goberian is to your friends.

The Best of Both Worlds

Two of the world’s most beloved dog breeds come together in one fantastic, loyal, and friendly pet. You want a husky, but the wife wants a golden retriever to be good with the kids – now you can both have what you want.

Loyal, obedient dogs that want nothing more than to be right next to you whenever they can be, and eagerly await your return when you’re far away from home. Isn’t that the dog owner’s dream?


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