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can you put coconut oil on your dog’s paws? – Know The Critical Facts

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Can you put coconut oil on your dog’s paws?

A lot of people are tipping towards natural hair and skin care products. I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend too. That is why you’d see brands advertising that their products contain this oil or that oil.

Coconut oil is one of them. It has become quite popular over the years as a beauty regimen. This is usually because of its minerals, vitamins, and natural effects on the skin.

As a dog parent, you’ve thought about using coconut oil for your dog, either in his meal or topical. However, you might be worried if it will be safe and beneficial for your pup.

That’s what this article is about. Whether you can use coconut oil on your dog’s paws. However, before that, let’s take a glance at what coconut oil is and how it is made.

What Is Coconut Oil?

can you put coconut oil on your dog's paws?

Coconut oil as you already know is gotten from coconut – the fleshy white part. It is a tropical oil that has been in use for years.

However, in the stores, you have two choices when it comes to coconut oil. You can either get the virgin or refined coconut oil.

As you might have guessed, virgin coconut oil still has most of its properties. This includes the taste and smell.

On the other hand, refined coconut oil has undergone several processing steps. This leads to the removal of those coconut-y properties. Therefore you get a more neutral taste and flavor. This is why you can use refined coconut oil as cooking oil.

Coconut oil can offer several benefits to you. However, let’s focus on what it can do for your pup, especially his paws.

Dogs live a good part of their lives standing on their paws. Therefore it is paramount to pay attention to the health of your pup’s paw.

The Dog’s Paw

can you put coconut oil on your dog's paws?

It is pretty common to hear dog owners complain of sores or itchiness in their dog’s paw. Since they stand on their paws for a long time, several problems are bound to arise.

Nevertheless, the paws of our furry friends are tenacious and dogged –lol, pun intended. In essence, dogs’ paws are made to withstand extreme conditions unlike the sole of humans.

That doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. Several things can assault your dog’s paw and lead to pain, itchiness, or even bleeding.

Your pup can be prancing about at home without worries, however, outdoor is a different matter. They can easily get injuries or tear on their paws. This can be a result of walking on debris, sharp objects, or pebbles.

On the other hand, dogs like playing and running in a grass field. This can expose their paws to a host of allergens or even insect bites. In that case, you’ll have a dog with a swollen and painful paw.

There can also be seasonal variations to the injury on your dog’s paw. During the summer, the sidewalk gets heated up and becomes hot. Walking on these hot sidewalks can cause minor burns to your dog’s paws.

In the winter, the situation becomes different. Dogs also like playing in the rain, therefore their paws become exposed to excess moisture. This can predispose their paws to irritation and fungal infections.

Making sure your dog’s paw is in good health is of utmost importance. It cannot be overemphasized. This is where coconut oil comes in.

Can You Put Coconut Oil On Your Dog’s Paws?

Just like in humans, coconut oil has been found to have numerous benefits for your dog and his paws. Coconut oil as we know is a natural remedy with additional minerals that promote the general health of your pup.

Let’s take a few benefits of coconut oil on your dog’s paw.

1. Remedy For Dry And Itchy Skin

During the summer, it’s more likely for our skin, palm, and soles to become dry, flaky, and itchy. The same goes for your pooch. And in a bit to attain relief from the itch, he might try to bite his paws. However, that can result in bruises and bleeding. Coating the paws with coconut oil can do the trick. The oil will moisturize and reverse the dryness and itchiness. A win-win for all.

2. Treat Wounds And Burns

Dogs are very active animals. They enjoy running around both indoors and outdoor. This can predispose them to bruises and wounds. Additionally, their paws can get burnt during the summer if they walk on hot sand or the sidewalk. Coconut oil contains minerals and vitamins that can enhance healing. Therefore applying coconut oil to any wound or scratch on your dog’s paw will make it heal faster.

3. Prevent Skin Infection

Your dog could get a cut or injury from running around outdoors. And this cut can be a route of entry for bacteria to cause infection. On the other hand, fungal infections are common in dogs’ paws. You should start suspecting it if your dog’s paw starts to smell. Coconut oil can put a stop to all that. Lauric acid can be found in coconut oil and is known to be a natural antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal. Infection with bacteria or fungi can be prevented by just rubbing coconut oil on your dog’s paws.

4. Moisturise Your Dog’s Paws

While a dog’s paw is made to withstand extreme conditions, it shouldn’t be overly hard. Coconut oil can help moisturize your pup’s paw and make it softer. This is a result of the moisturizing abilities of the healthy fatty acid contained in coconut oil. This is the same reason why it is found in dog shampoos.

5. Gives Your Dog’s Paw A Good Smell

It’s not unusual for humans to have stinky feet. The same can happen in dogs as well. Applying coconut oil to your dog’s paw will replace that stinky smell with a pleasant one. However, don’t forget to regularly wash your dog’s paws.

6. Safe To Lick

Dogs interact with their surrounding with their nose and tongue. Your dog is very likely to lick whatever is rubbed on its paws. Fortunately, coconut oil is not toxic to dogs. Therefore your pup is allowed to lick it without incurring any harm.

Well, as you can see, coconut oil has a lot of benefits for your dog’s paws. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Other Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

can you put coconut oil on your dog's paws

1.It is great for your dog’s skin and coat. Just like the paws, coconut oil will help enrich your dog’s skin and keep his coat shiny. It moisturizes and nurtures your dog’s skin and coat.

2. If ingested, coconut oil can help improve digestion. It can achieve this through a couple of mechanisms. Coconut oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, therefore can ease intestinal upset. It also has antibacterial properties and hence can halt the growth of bad bacteria.

3. Tooth Care: Adding coconut oil to your dog’s meal can help with the teeth. With its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, coconut oil can prevent plaque, and gum diseases and generally improve dental health. In this case, coconut oil can serve as a very good natural toothpaste.

4. Flea And Tick Repellant: Rubbing coconut oil all over your dog can repel fleas, ticks, and some other insects. This will prevent bites that can cause allergic reactions and itching.

5. Additionally, coconut oil can improve cognitive or brain function, reduce allergies and increase energy level. In essence, coconut oil will make your dog a happy dog.

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Your Dog’s Paw

can you put coconut oil on your dog's paws

Before you proceed, examine your pup’s paws to know where there is a cut, wound, or injury. If there is, you can then dip cotton wool in coconut oil and apply it to the area.

It is best if your dog lies by the side while you work on each paw one at a time. If your dog is restless, give them a regular belly or ear rub to relax him.

Make sure to take some time to rub in the coconut oil using a calm circular motion. This is because if left alone, your dog will probably want to lick off the coconut oil. However, if your rub it in, enough oil will be absorbed to perform its functions before your pup can even lick it off.

For protection, you can also rub coconut oil on your dog’s paws before going outdoor for a walk. This will further strengthen your dog’s paws again debris, allergens, and even hot sand or sidewalk.

Another good time to massage your dog’s paw with coconut oil is before bedtime. This would allow enough time for the coconut oil to be absorbed and work its magic.

However, oil dripping all over your house is usually the problem. To avoid this, you can apply coconut oil to your dog’s paws outside the house. Or apply small amounts at intervals.

Alternatively, after applying the coconut oil to your pup’s paws, leave it to be absorbed for about 5 minutes. After then, you can go rinse your dog off.

Which Coconut Oil Should I Use?

It’s recommended to go for unrefined coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. It still contains all the natural elements of coconut, nothing is added or removed.

Better still, you can get cold-pressed coconut oil. This method quickly processes the coconut as it is fresh to preserve nutrients.

Are There DIY Coconut Oil?

With these natural regimens, there are sure to be several homemade or DIY recipes. As for coconut oil, there are several recipes you can easily find online.

The ingredients required for DIY coconut oil can be gotten online. It doesn’t take a long time to prepare as well.

Once you follow the instructions correctly, you’re sure to get a good coconut oil or balm that can serve the purpose you want. Therefore if you prefer homemade coconut oil, the internet is an excellent place to start.

Final Thoughts –Can You Put Coconut Oil On Your Dog’s Paws

Yes, you can. Coconut oil has several health benefits to offer your dog, both paw and whole body. It is an all-natural regimen with vitamins and minerals that can keep your pooch in a good state.

A dog’s paw is always on the walk, bearing weight and going over different terrain. Therefore they’re prone to sores, cuts, and injuries. These can further lead to bacterial and fungal infections down the line.

Coconut oil is a good protection regimen for a dog’s paws. It not only adds a layer of protection to a dog’s paw but also hastens the healing of the injuries that are already there.

It’s not a bad idea to have coconut oil in your cabinet. Even if you don’t apply it to your dog’s paws regularly, it may come in handy when your dog injures.

In essence, coconut oil does a lot of good for your dog’s paw. Besides, it also has other benefits such as increasing energy level, healthy coat, and skin, improving cognitive function, etc.

As a dog parent, you’ll always want your pup in good health and high spirits. Coconut oil can help you achieve that.

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