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Best No Pull Dog Harness 1


BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Dog Harness


Best No Pull Dog Harness 2

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness


Best No Pull Dog Harness 3

BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Reflective Harness


Best No Pull Dog Harness 4

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness Military Service Dog Edition


Best No Pull Dog Harness 5

PoyPet No Pull, No Choke Front Lead Dog Harness

Leashes are useful.

Collars are useful. Combining the two?

It can actually hurt your dog, especially if they’re a puller. You need a more practical and proactive approach to walking your dog, meaning you have to stop letting them choke themselves.

If you have to pull on their leash to keep them out of harm’s way, you have to be sure that it’s not going to hurt them more than it helps them. It’s tough, but that’s why harnesses are here to save the day.

The best no pull dog harness reviews are right here in this guide, breaking down every single harness that you should consider, and delving into the topic of why they’re important and better for your dog than leashes.

No matter what, a puller is going to find a way to get hurt, but with a harness you have a chance to maintain control over your dog and either avoid or mitigate harm they could cause themselves.

Best Overall: BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Dog Harness

Do you know why BARKBAY is at the top of the list?

Because they provide the best pricing, comfort, and safety for your pet above every other brand out there. This no-pull front clip dog harness 

As the best dog harness no pull available, they didn’t have to keep the costs low, but they did. This is extremely affordable regardless of what your doggy budget is, so you’ll be able to keep Fido safe without robbing your own wallet.

With quick-snap plastic buckles, this connects fast and doesn’t clip your dog’s hair when you close it. The harness is supposed to fit a little loosely on either side of your dog, giving you the necessary leeway to ensure they don’t get clipped.

Not a fan of collars in general?

That’s okay, most dogs aren’t either, and they’ll thank you for putting them in a harness instead. This comes with an ID tag pouch so that even if you don’t have a medallion on a collar, a lost dog can still be returned to you with the right information.

BARKBAY made the top of the list for versatility as well. You have four sizes available, from a small (17” – 22”) up to an extra large (32” – 38”), so regardless of how big your dog is, you can make the switch to a harness with little to no problems.

Last but not least, this is entirely breathable, so your dog is going to get used to it. Even when they roll over to take a nap, this should be comfortable enough and breathable enough that they won’t really pay it any mind.

  • Size: Small 17” – 22” up to large 31” x 38”
  • Type: Chest clip
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Padding: High level of padding

Runner Up: Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness

Harnesses are there to help your pet out with leash pulling and hurting themselves, but they’re also there to be comfortable to them.

The reason you switch to a harness in the first place is to prevent pulling, to stop any unnecessary, accidental harm to your pet’s neck. Rabbitgoo made this no-choke harness with every angle in mind to help you out with that.

Which no pull dog harness is best?

It depends on your dog. Rabbitgoo nearly hit the top of the list, but for some dogs, it might actually be the #1 option out there. Pay attention to the chest area of the harness: wide straps, extra padding, thicker runner.

This is designed for those dogs that will keep pulling when they’re on a leash, no matter how much resistance you give them.

The leash here connects to the front of the chest area, because when they pull here, it’s not going to hurt them with tough, sharp ribbon-edge straps or anything along those lines.

The padding on the front won’t hurt them when they pull, but instead, give you an opportunity to calm them down and remind them what they’re supposed to do without causing them any accidental pain.

Available in four sizes and nine different colors, this harness system is relatively inexpensive, and comfortable for your dog.

Many owners will leave a harness on their pup for one week at a time (easier walks), but to do that, it has to be comfortable enough that they’ll roll over on the floor and sleep while wearing it.

Designed with breathable air mesh and soft cushioning, your dog isn’t going to work up even more of a sweat in this. Everything is optimized to the best possible length to maintain a comfortable and breathable experience for your dog, no matter what.

  • Size: Large 20.5” x 36”chest size
  • Type: Padded no-choke harness
  • Coverage: Full coverage
  • Padding: Ample padding

Alternative: BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Reflective Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Front Clip Reflective Harness

BARKBAY made the list again because they simply create better products than most of the competition out there.

Starting with the fact that this is a front clip harness, you have excellent access for large breed dogs, as well as comfortable padding for medium-sized dogs as well.

As one of the best dog no pull harness brands out there, BARKBAY continues to provide easy-to-adjust harnesses and other doggy goods in multiple sizes.

From small with a 17” to 22” chest diameter, up to XL with a 31” to 38” chest diameter, you have something to choose from for every size dog.

With hassle-free and comfortable easy-off settings, you’ll be able to take this off of your rambunctious pup the minute you get home. Some dogs don’t mind saying in the harness throughout the day (and sometimes at night), but your dog is different from others.

They might be rattling around and trying to get out of it, because they view it more like a leash or a collar than anything else. Walk time is over, so they want it off.

Seven colors are available, allowing you to match your harness with a collar or leash, or any other accessories you might have for your dog.

Four points of adjustments make it simple to make adjustments on-the-go, so if your dog is very picky (some dogs are sensitive), you can accommodate while you’re out and not make them feel bad about it.

BARKBAY remains on top for their stellar customer service as well. Despite selling inexpensive products that come with high durability, they make sure you know you’re valued and part of the BARKBAY community.

  • Size: Small 17” – 22” up to large 31” – 38”
  • Type: No pull harness
  • Coverage: Medium coverage
  • Padding: Ample padding

Alternative: Auroth Tactical Dog Harness Military Service Dog Edition

Auroth Tactical Dog harness Military Service Dog Edition

We’re getting close to the end, but it’s not over yet. Auroth has one of the most comprehensive coverage dog harnesses on the market.

This doesn’t clip around your dog – this gently ties down with four straps to create a type of doggy body armor, and for more reasons than just one.

This is a thick harness. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s definitely a more durable, heavier harness than most dogs are used to. That also shows in their sizes, because the smallest size here (which is labeled as a small) is 20” up to 31” for chest dimensions. That’s because the harness is heavy.

It’s one of the best no pull dog harness for large dogs because of that extra coverage. It’s really hard for a dog to pull away from you when you’re wearing this. One of the straps does clip in, but you’ll notice it’s super heavy-duty like an emergency plane seatbelt.

Padding along the interior is comfortable, though, so even if you have a puller, they’re not going to hurt themselves while you train them to act properly.

It’s slightly insulated, so on long, hot days in the middle of summer, you might have to adjust it for them strictly to help them cool down. You might notice some extra slobber in these instances.

Last but not least, there’s something to be said for quality. Auroth made this out of highly durable 900D nylon, which isn’t even the same level of toughness that a lot of survival gear is made out of. They really went above and beyond with this.

  • Size: Small 20” – 31” up to extra large 26” – 42”
  • Type: Tactical vest
  • Coverage: Full coverage
  • Padding: Ample padding

Alternative: PoyPet No Pull, No Choke Front Lead Dog Harness

PoyPet No Pull, No Choke Front Lead Dog Harness

Last but not least, PoyPet has an upgraded, no-choke version of their previously famous harness. They’re one of the top-rated harnesses and manufacturers online, for small and large dogs alike.

The best no pull dog harness comes with ample padding along the interior and a thin build, so your dogs aren’t feeling restricted or constrained while they’re wearing this. It allows for easy control and fast movements that don’t inhibit your dog’s ability to maneuver around.

Available in five sizes, as well as sixteen different colors, you can customize this as you see fit to better suit your dog and anything else they might own. If you’re going to leave your dog in a harness throughout the day, it might as well match their collar, right?

The entire design is optimized for better comfort, and overall, a high level of safety for your dog.

No matter which direction they go to jump, jerk, or pull on your leash, they’re not going to dig the siding into themselves and cause any pain. They’re not going to choke themselves with this harness.

They guarantee that you (and your dog) are going to love this by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You’ll have all issues resolved within twenty-four hours, and they’ll do their best to right any wrongs or issues (even when it’s caused by shipping and not a manufacturing issue, such as if it arrives damaged).

Last but not least, there’s a large reflective stitching pattern that allows you to feel a little more at ease with your dog.

Early morning runs and late-night strolls aren’t going to poise the same risk as they used to. Just be sure to wear equally reflective clothing or patches on your jacket so that you’re inline with your dog in terms of safety.

  • Size: Extra small 10” – 20” up to extra large 28” – 39”
  • Type: No choke harness
  • Coverage: Medium coverage
  • Padding: Medium padding

No Pull Dog Harness Buying Guide and FAQ

Dog Pulling the Leash Hurt The Dog?


On a harness?

No, it doesn’t. The best rated no pull dog harness is going to come with padding along the interior to help your dog so that they don’t harm themselves when they pull.

This is padded for comfort, but also for support. The edges don’t cut into their coat/skin, and don’t receive negatives for pulling on their harness.

But with a collar, they can actually choke themselves. Dogs will act on instinct when they see prey or something that they really want, and it’s not even their fault necessarily.

Collars can be good for holding onto identification tags and showing that your dog isn’t wild/is owned by someone, but other than that, you don’t really need one.

Why Leash Pulling Can be Harmful

Dogs can harm the muscles in their own necks. It’s a really big problem. When a dog is pulling on their leash, they don’t know the damage they’re causing – how could they?

All they know in those moments is instinct, which has yet to be overridden by training.

The best no pull dog harness addresses this in full form. Harnesses still allow dogs to pull (while you train them to be better), but without pain as a punishment. It’s an involuntary punishment, as it is, but it’s still there and your dogs will hurt themselves and ignore the pain to go on instinct.

How Does a Harness Stop a Dog From Pulling?

Well, there are a few more reasons than you might think. It’s not as simple as “Well at least it’s not a collar,” there are four major reasons that they work well.

Regaining Balance

Ever notice how hard a dog has to try and step backwards after they’re done pulling on their leash?

They sort of walk backwards on their haunches for a second. That’s because their balance is thrown off entirely, but it doesn’t have to be. Harnesses force them to pull from more than just their neck, so they’re already more balanced while pulling.

By regaining their balance, they’re quicker to respond to a tug backwards than they are with a collar, and your retraining of their behavior is that much stronger.

Two Points of Connection

Instead of tugging on the leash and it being yanked out of your hand, there are two points of connection, so your dog doesn’t have as much control over you.

It reinforces the fact that you are in charge, and they’re not able to control the situation. This is just one mechanism to help you retrain them entirely.

Better Walking Position

Your dog is supposed to be by your side when you walk, and it’s okay that they’re there. They shouldn’t be in front of you. When they walk in front of you, there’s this dominance that they feel, which makes them feel justified in pulling and doing what they want.

As far as they’re concerned, they’re in control. Harnesses are designed to have your dog walk by your side from day one, helping train them for better behavior initially.

Encourages Better Walking

Your dog might be pulling because they feel unbalanced, and they’re trying to struggle to retain that balance. Harnesses give their validation in their center of gravity, so they aren’t in a push-and-pull with you for the whole walk.

It’s not always because of aggressive behavior; it’s sometimes because they simply don’t feel comfortable walking and are trying to signal to you that they can’t balance.

Can You Leave a Harness on a Dog All Day?

Technically, yes, you can. It’s not advised by some vets, and depending on your dog, it could be a hazard, but let’s take a look at it as an option.

Some dogs don’t get used to wearing a harness at all, but others will take a shine to it right away. Either way, they can get used to it, and they can wear the harness all day without there being a problem.

How do I Get my Dog to Stop Pulling on Walks?

That’s what harnesses are here for!

Harnesses are your best defense to stop pulling, because when your dogs try to pull, they end up lifting themselves up in the air and off the ground (usually just their front paws unless they jump), and it restricts their movement.

If they’re going to pull, it should be in full check coverage that cradles them instead of punishes them unintentionally.

Apart from just using a harness, there are some other things you can do to help your dog to stop pulling.

Stand Still

When they pull, you treat them like a toddler. Stand still, completely rigid, and do not walk forward. Let them pull if they must, but they’ll quickly realize they’re not getting anywhere.

When you continue walking, they’re still moving in some direction, so they believe that pulling is resulting in them moving forward. Stand still until they stop pulling, until the leash on the harness is completely still.

Turn Tail

If they’re pulling on the leash, turn around completely and walk in the other direction, guiding them to you. This is something you can only really do with a harness, as a leash and collar might really hurt them.

This shows them “This is not going to get me to my destination” and showcases that you’re actually going to move backwards. It’s the equivalent of saying “Don’t make me turn this car around,” and then doing it to stop the behavior.


Give rewards, whether it’s treats or anything your dog likes, for every time they walk by your side without pulling on the leash. You might have to do this more frequently in the beginning, but as times go on, only reinforce this with one treat per walk.

You want to wean them off the treats entirely until the behavior is naturally and organic, so you won’t have to struggle on walks with them.

Forgive Them

Your dogs understand more than you realize. Lean down, talk to them once you use the Stand Still method, and explain “Thank you for not pulling on the leash,” then pat them on the head, and keep going.

It can’t hurt to try it, and while not all dogs are going to respond perfectly to it, they’re also not going to respond negatively to it as long as you’re not being aggressive when you say it.

Every dog is going to be a little different. They’ll respond differently depending on breed, age, and the demeanor of their owner. If you’re quick-to-anger, yell a lot, and are generally aggressive, your dog is going to pull more.

If you’re relaxed, laid-back and generally chill, it’s going to be easier to get your dog to stop pulling on the leash (if they even start at all).

The Best Way to Walk Your Dog

Harnesses are simply the number one way to walk your dog. Up, down, sideways, there’s no better way to walk your pup. If they’re a puller, you literally need one of these so that your dog doesn’t run the risk of strangulation.

If your dog is just independent and likes to wander, you can pair this with a retractable leash for the best effects while keeping them safe.

Lifting up their legs is better than pulling on a collar. Having soft padding is better than sharp-edged nylon ribbons that can seriously cut them. Do your own independent research, but be sure to come back once you realize just how overwhelmingly bad leash/collar combinations are.

Best No Pull Dog Harness 6

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