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are dogs allowed in lowes?

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Lowe’s is a major home improvement retailer that has stores spanning Canada and the US. They have always sold quality products, and they have been in business for over ninety years. The company was founded in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

As dog owners, we tend to assume that we can’t take our dogs into such stores and instead need to keep them tethered up outside.

While that is true for some retail establishments, others have quite liberal pet policies. One of such stores is Lowes.

You might have heard that Lowes is dog-friendly, but their policy isn’t so straightforward and that can leave room for some misinterpretations. To understand completely we will look at it in two sections

Their Stance on Service Dogs

According to, Service dogs are dogs specifically trained to perform work for a person with a disability. They are valued working partners and companions to over 80 million Americans. Common service dog breeds include German Shepherd Dogs, Labs, and Golden Retrievers. You can learn more about service dogs from their website.

At Lowes’ service dogs have unrestricted access. They are bound by law to allow service dogs and their handlers unrestricted access to their premises. So if your dog is a service dog, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Their stance on other Dogs

A couple of years back Lowe’s updated their policies to allow pets in-store as long as they met certain requirements. Which include;

  • Your pet has to be vaccinated,
  • on a leash,
  • and well behaved.

It is safe to say that Lowe’s is very pet-friendly. However, your pet should be well behaved because actions, like peeing or pooping on the floor, or barking at other customers, are frowned upon and can lead to you being excused from the premises.

We recommend bringing a poop bag in case there is an accident and using a short leash on your pet.

Reviews from Customers who love the pet policy

A lot of pet owners love the fact that Lowe’s is quite a pet friendly company. Some raving fans even go as far as too leave positive reviews because of this. Here are some reviews I was able to find online.

“On hot summer days when the office is closed, it means I don’t need to drive home first to drop Daisy off, I can just bring her in with me. That saves me time because I only have to make one trip”

“They have a great selection of products in various categories. With very competitive prices. Lowes is one of my favorite retailers and best of all they allow you to take your dog in with you. I love this company”

Feedback from Customers who hate the pet policy

Not all customers love Lowe’s pet-friendly policies. They say things like

  • The store smells like dog poop
  • The stores looks and has a messy vibe because of the pets allowed in.

One reviewer posted the following;

“My little girl is scared of dogs so has to stay in the car with my wife whenever I come to your store. I think that the fact that dogs are allowed in Lowes in scandalous and shows how little respect you have for customers who find it problematic.”

Are Dogs Allowed In Lowes?

The official Lowes dog policy states that only service dogs are allowed in the stores. However, many stores and employees have a relaxed attitude towards customers that take a dog into Lowes, rarely asking for proof that the dog is for service or disability support purposes. As long as your dog is leashed, vaccinated and well behaved, you shouldn’t have any issues.

This varies from store to store so the best thing you can do is call in on your local Lowes and confirm what their policies are.


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